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A little bit about us.

We are a diversified Support Services Agency For Federal and State Governments, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NiteLines USA, Inc., was founded to pursue and impart contract quality support services to a variety of governmental agencies.  In the years since its inception, our firm has grown steadily. We employ various management, administrative and professional service personnel with extensive experience and understanding in providing quality services to all of our customers.

NiteLines USA, Inc. is fully aware of our customer requirements for reliable, efficient, and quality contract support services. We have both the technical expertise to provide the support services needed, and the management personnel and procedures to ensure quality performance of every contract.

Our company’s technical, management, and policies demonstrate our understanding of the specific requirements of each contract and our innovative ideas about how to provide these services at a much higher level of accomplishment than is currently available to support . Our management procedures stress the ability of our corporate team to manage the services to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We accept no deviations from the requirements of our customers.  We have successfully performed on all of our support contracts and maintained a good rapport with our customers, employees, and the public.

We understand the primary importance of providing services to the nature and scope in accordance with the terms of each contract, and address all areas specified in the scope of work.

This understanding provides for several major dynamics of our company:

  • The ability to team project task members with project specific strengths.
  • An understanding of the particular requirements covered within the statement of work in each contract project; and a realistic approach to management of federal government service contracts.
  • Comprehensive management plans to control efforts and satisfy the contract requirements.
  • Dedication to quality and safety at every level that will ensure the quality performance our customers and our firm demand.
  • The guarantee of corporate stability.